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These are selected art work galleries by Jacquelyn Berl; covering several decades of work. The best part about creating is allowing one’s self to play around outside usual art styles; blurring boundaries and having a conversation between those styles. Take time to browse these eclectic collections. Jacquelyn’s evolution as an artist has led to a body of work that is ever growing and continues to fascinate viewers.

Scatterlings© Gallery

Scatterlings© is a collection of self-directed enchantment art which combines actual foliage with watercolor and color pencil mediums. Hidden among the actual and rendered foliage are an enchanted assortment of Scatterlings©; mythical animals and fairies. Jacquelyn succeeds in forming ’something’ out of ‘the nothing’ often overlooked in everyday life. These one-of-a-kind folk art pieces take up to a year to complete as flowers and leaves are collected, pressed, preserved and finally hidden within a vision that evolves continually. (Mixed Media; Pressed Foliage, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink on Handmade Paper). Go to the Scatterlings© Gallery.


Scatterlings© – “Minis”

Scatterlings© “The Minis” are miniature self-directed enchantment art combining actual foliage with watercolor and color pencil mediums on small canvas. (Mixed Media; Pressed Foliage, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink on Small Canvas)

Paintings, Acrylics

Acrylic painting on canvas and board

Fresh Perspectives – Renderings

“Fresh Perspectives” combine years of experience painting perspective renderings in several mediums (Acrylics, Watercolor, Colored Pencil). The basis of each painting begin with architectural details and/or renderings created by hand off of perspective charts then floats off into wallpaper details leaving a dream-like feeling . Framed and ready to hang.


Oil and dry pastel work.  Capturing emotional effects of a world in constant motion.  There are as many explanations as their are viewers. The variety of subject matter and techniques are limitless.

Pointillism/Stippling Gallery

Pointillism, Stippling – Pen and ink work, creating tone and texture with small dots. Go to Pointillism/Stippling Gallery.

Perspectives Renderings

Hand-drawn perspective renderings of interiors and exteriors, commercial and watercolor.  Watercolor, Pen & Ink.

Collage/Mixed Media

Fragments combined to make one of a kind pieces that can not be found elsewhere. Combining newspaper and magazine, wallpaper as well as other decorative papers, posters, letters, post cards, woven cloth, woven cloth, leaves, flower petals, butterfly wings, sawdust, coffee grounds, potato peel, sand, string etc.

Illuminated Tiles

Original 3-D mixed media collages on tile

ACEOs, Tags

Artist Cards and Tags; Edition or Originals.  Small format, miniature pieces of art .

P.B.N – Altered

Paint by number fun – Alterations of vintage paint-by-number paintings for fun and practice.


Journaling in mixed mediums. Take a peek into my artistic process, page after page; a unique, personal touch.


Favorite photos from over the years

Prints – Available

Remaining Available First Time Limited-Run Prints! AscenderRisesAbove is proud to present a huge selection on a limited run (25 ea) 11×17 prints, on my top 50 images.

• printed on 80 lb Dull Cover paper with HP Indigo Inks on an Indigo 5000 press (a commercial printer, not a home printer!)
• affordable price of $12.00!
• printed to the border, signed on the back and dated. Cropped as shown. Copyright notice is to protect the digital image. It will NOT appear on the actual print.
• shipped flat inside a sturdy non-bending envelope, three day delivery with tracking, Priority First Class USPS. Shipping: $9.95.

Exhibits – Past

Exhibits and Festivals

What’s On My Desk?

My works in presently in progress; some individual pieces, some large scale collections.

Who Is Ascender?

Jacquelyn Berl is the creative force behind Ascender Rises Above©.