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The Greatest Secrets Are Hidden In The Most Unlikely Places

The Tiniest Garden, Scatterlings© Mini

Nobody sees a flower
it is so small it takes time
we haven’t time
and to see takes time
like to have a friend takes time.
Georgia O’Keeffe

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Quick note: I am in the process of resurrecting my galleries.

Click on the “☛ Gallery!” in the menu running across the top of this page.
This main tab drops down to allow you to choose between four live galleries: Scatterlings©, a Scatterlings© Minis, Pointillism/Stippling, and my Prints, Available gallery.
Additional listed galleries will be added while I continue dusting each category.

“Jacquelyn L. Berl (also known under the artistic monicker “Ascender“, see more works on her website and blog) is a versatile and prolific artist with a strong drive towards finding an original signature style. She creates art with a seemingly unlimited assortment of media, fusing various schools and trends into a conglomerate body of work. I would categorize her style as gravitating towards the surreal, often with fabulous qualities; it characterizes in various degrees her mixed media works, collages, ink, watercolor and oil paintings. To my mind Berl achieves best results with the more combinative efforts, and while the more traditional artwork exhibits engaging pristine and figurative qualities, it is in the more complex and “dirty” pieces that her creative potential finds a unique outlet…. (read more of this Scatterlings© critique by Art&Critique

Presently AscenderRisesAbove is looking for a gallery to feature the Scatterlings© gallery.

Remaining Scatterlings© limited edition prints here.

scatterlings© available prints on a line