Scatterlings©, The Minis

A rich and magical experience!

Scatterlings© Miniatures on canvas are fashioned after Jacquelyn’s larger Scatterlings©, combining actual foliage with watercolor and color pencil mediums.

Gravitating towards the surreal, often with fabulous qualities; it characterizes in various degrees her mixed media works, collages, ink, watercolor and oil paintings.

Breena, Scatterlings© Mini
In profile, Breena, Mini Scatterlings, on stretched canvas.

Measuring 6″ wide x 8″ high. Hidden among the actual and rendered foliage are an enchanted assortment of Scatterlings; mythical animals and fairies.

Alfreda, Scatterlings© Mini.

“It is possible to see each scatterling as a meta-illustration of a fairy-tale, existing or not… Art&Critique” 

Bluebird, Scatterlings© Mini”

An idealized artistic view of the physical world around us, everyday objects being the media and the ground they rest upon the surface…. Art&Critique

Double Sighting, Scatterlings© Mini
Detail of “Double Sighting” Scatterlings above.

As with most pieces of fine art, the original should not be placed in a window or beneath bright light.

Peace In The Garden, Scatterlings© Mini
Detail of above Peace In The Garden, Scatterlings© Mini

“A purely visual resemblance to abstract expressionism, all the while retaining the concrete form of the inserted magical characters… Art&Critique

Running Rampant, Scatterlings© Mini
Detail of above; Running Rampant, Scatterlings© Mini

Clever use of perspective, compositional rhythm and color toning, combined with actual flora creates a bewitching effect of three-dimensionality…. Art&Critique

Sitting In Mercy Garden, Scatterlings© Mini
detail, Sitting Mercy Garden, Scatterlings© Mini
Sitting In Mercy Garden, Scatterlings© Mini

Jacquelyn Berl succeeds in forming ‘something’ out of ‘the nothing’ often overlooked in everyday life.  These one-of-a-kind folk art pieces can take up to a year to complete as flowers and leaves are collected, pressed, preserved and finally hidden within a visions that evolves continually.

The Tiniest Garden, Scatterlings© Mini
Profile of The Tiniest Garden, above, Scatterlings© Mini
Detail of The Tiniest Garden above, Scatterlings© Mini

“To review this collection is to allow yourself a glimpse of this journey of intuitiveness by creating a completely new non-traditional art concept… Art&Critique

Scatterlings© Mini on stretched canvas
Profile Scatterlings© Mini above

Presently AscenderRisesAbove is looking for a gallery to feature the larger Scatterlings© collection.

Scatterlings Mini on stretched canvas.
detail of above Scatterlings© Mini

Available original Scatterlings© and Scatterlings Minis are limited to stock on hand.

Profile of a Scatterlings Mini, leaning against a larger Scatterlings painting.

Thank you for taking time to look.
Jacquelyn Berl dba Ascender Rises Above

Detail of a Scatterlings Mini
Ask about the remaining limited edition first run Scatterlings© prints! ©JacquelynBerl2017

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