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I Must Have Flowers, Always And Always.

At Night I Bloom, Illuminated Tile, Mixed Medium

What if you slept
And what if
In your sleep
You dreamed
And what if
In your dream
You went to heaven
And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower
And what if
When you awoke
You had that flower in you hand
Ah, what then?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Granny Smith Grows Lemons, Illuminated Tile, Mixed Media

Illuminated Tiles are original mixed media collages on tile by Jacquelyn L. Berl. Each tile is altered with acrylic, colored pencil, feathers, ribbon, rapidiograph, assorted textures, sprinkles, sparkles, sheen and shine, assorted textures and sprinkled with a bit of magic; and in many cases – mystery. Although protected with a non-yellowing indoor/outdoor matte sealer – you shouldn’t  put these in your garden.

3.5″ Squared – a few are slightly larger.

Each original tile has even the sides painted and altered; check the different pages mentioned to see top, bottom and side views. Each tile is titled and signed by the artist on the back.

Uses: Decorative display, table art, trivet, coaster, wall hanging (use plate hanger), small easel, 

Ascender’s Strange Blooms Illuminated Tiles are glimpses of strange blooms, myth and poetry woven with emotionally torn humans – both strange and wonderful; absurd, charming, and striking; unpredictable blooms with translucent petals and curious faces. (Also see these other Illuminated Tile editions: Illuminated Tiles – Kells and Illuminated Tiles – Messengers)

Illuminated Tile prints on a line. ©JacquelynBerl

I’ve a few remaining prints of some of the above Illuminated Tile Prints here.

• Limited run (25 ea) 11×17 prints

• Printed on 80 lb Dull Cover paper with HP Indigo Inks on an Indigo 5000 press (a commercial printer, not a home printer!)

• Printed to the border, signed on the back and dated. Cropped as shown.

• Affordable price of $12.00! I ship flat inside a sturdy non-bending envelope using three day delivery with tracking, Priority First Class USPS, to assure it arrives to you in brand new condition. Shipping: $9.95.

*Quantities are limited to stock on hand.

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