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We Travel A Path That Keeps Turning To Outskirts, Never Quite Arrives

Altered Paint By Number, Acrylics

the autumn foliage
is paint-by-number and different tabs throughout
are half-finished murals
of a single type of tree in a single time of year.

~ Alexandria Peary ~  

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Stay Calm; Altered Paint By Number, Acrylics

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Altered Paint By Number, Acrylics

Altered Paint By Numbers is a collection of actual paint-by-numbers canvases in which I have thrown away the color key and prepackaged Paint By Number (PBN) paint tubs, substituting higher grade Acrylics.  

PBNs had its heyday in the 1950s and 60s;  the world was in crisis after crisis, the Cold War was heating up. Novice artists, housewives with free time, and parents looking to encourage creativity in their children were encouraged to sit and relax, creating art for the masses: usually pastoral landscapes and portraits. 

You Be Trippin’; Altered Paint By Number, Acrylics

Once altered there is pleasure in the strangely familiar feeling of many of the works, and a bit of  tension from interpretations. In some I only threw away the color key; in others I changed a bit of the scenery or added key words.  

A few of these PBN  have been further altered with acrylic, colored pencil, feathers, ribbon, rapidiograph, assorted textures, sprinkles, sparkles, sheen and shine, assorted textures and sprinkled with a bit of magic; and in many cases – mystery.

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Metanoia; Altered Paint By Number; Acrylics

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