Art Journaling 1

Weaving journal play & exploration with greater insight of self and others…

Art Journaling  are personal journals filled with any combination of art, imagery and words using a collection of assorted mediums.

I release my art journaling once I am comfortable with what I have put on the pages. Consider these similar to what you might have kept in a tiny diary with a key. They are often created with reckless abandon with unlimited outcomes with only one rule: There are no rules. Most of the time I do not plan ahead of time what will go on the pages. The image shifts from the direction I think it will be going and I rarely end up on paper what began in my head.

Food For Thought; Journaling, Collage
A World Apart No More; Journaling, Collage
Saddle Bags; Journaling, Collage

Art journaling has a long-standing artistic tradition. Artists through the centuries have kept notebooks in which they sketched, practiced, experimented, and recorded themselves. Vincent vanGogh, Picasso and DaVinci were prolific sketchbook keepers.

Clearing After Dark; Journaling, Collage
It’s The Carrot; Journaling, Collage
California; Journaling, Collage
What’s That Smell In The Kitchen; Journaling, Collage

Art journaling is an opportunity to capture feelings through more than just words, encouraging you to think outside of the box. It is sometimes clean and precise, or messy and full of intense emotion. It can be deeply personal and private, or light and fun, something you want to share with others. Each page is a new start, a clean slate for new emotions, memories and materials.

Balloons; Journaling, Collage
Walking In; Journaling, Collage
Heard; Journaling, Collage
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away; Journaling, Collage

I consider my art journaling as dusting my brain between projects or when I switch mediums. When I’m taking a break and find myself on the sofa, I reach down into a journal for an hour or two. I usually have a few journals going; some to sketch in, some to collage in. I usually have at least one altered book in progression. One of the best things are when I make a mistake and mess up a page in a journal. Once done it is less likely to appear on my canvas which I will need to later correct. Even my appointment Daytimer calendar is full of sketches where I place mind maps of ideas that I don’t want to forget. (Sadly that makes me a collector of Daytimers which I have carted around with me with each move.)

Let Go; Journaling, Collage
An Unexpected Visitor; Journaling, Collage
Un-Matched; Journaling, Collage
Just Vitality; Journaling, Collage

You’ll see me add more pages to the above Art Journaling Gallery here on my site as I dust off old journals and share some pages with you. I know that there will always be more pages to add here as I have tried to intentionally stop Art Journaling in the past; thinking it might be a waste of time – but I have returned to it time and again.

My Art Is A Way; Journaling, Collage
Your Good Nature; Journaling, Collage

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