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Illuminated Tile prints on a line

AscenderRisesAbove is proud to present a huge selection on a limited run (25 ea) 11×17 prints, on my top 50 images

These posters are printed on 80 lb Dull Cover paper with HP Indigo Inks on an Indigo 5000 press (a commercial printer, not a home printer!)

As this is my first time offering open-ended prints I plan to kick it off by offering these prints at the affordable price of $12.00! This is a great opportunity to purchase one of these 50 assorted images, which won’t be listed here again at this sensational price.

Printed to the border, signed on the back and dated. Cropped as shown. Copyright notice is to protect the digital image. It will NOT appear on the actual print.

I ship flat inside a sturdy non-bending envelope using three day delivery with tracking, Priority First Class USPS, to assure it arrives to you in brand new condition. Shipping: $13.50.

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The Skating Rage, Double Turns, Figure Eights, Skating Backwards
Annie Oakley Had Orange Hair And A Rifle – Escape
Close Your Eyes And Pretend You’ll Be Strong Soon
The Parlor Door
I’ve Read Of Bravery
Soft Lullaby, Speaking Rain
The Trick Is Not to Rid Your Stomach Of Butterflies, But To Make Them Fly In Formation
Do Things, Doing Things
Tightrope Walker
The No Good
Laying With The Lily
Special Medicine Woman Healing
Paying Jobs, Detective, Doctor, Lawyer
Be Kind #2
The Luckiest Girl In The World #2
Be Kind (#1)
It’s A Slippery Hole
Sing Me A Lullaby
The Luckiest Girl In The World (#1)
Hopes and Promises
Offering Gold
Dreams of Queens
Practically Swept Away
Blessing the Birds
Tropical Altar
I Still Seek You
Cherries Jubilee
Today I Visited The Jungle
Three In The Bush
Unraveling Yellow
Daffodil Opposition
Shut Up
The Crucible of Changes
Growth Spurt
A Touch of Culture
Decade of Growth
Sombrero Surprise
A Few Of My Favorite Things
A Passion For The Past
Sanctuary of Grace
Bird’s Eye View
In Search Of A Miracle
Chasing The Wind
Afternoon Swim
Yesterday’s Dream
Beyond the Visible Terrain
Flights of Childhood
Fading Light
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Thank you for taking time to look.
Jacquelyn Berl dba Ascender Rises Above

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☛ The fine print:
All images in this album are Copyrighted © 2016 Jacquelyn Berl, All Rights Reserved.
Please feel free to read about the art I have created here. Feel free to wonder how I created it, why I created it, what it means. It is free to talk about it.
It is not free to take a copy of it, to print it out, to post it on your blog, to call it your own, to use it inside your art, or to make money from it in any way.
Duplication in partial or complete of these images, the creation of derivatives or any other reproduction is illegal as stated in the Copyright Law of the USA.