Who is Ascender?

Who is Ascender Rises Above? ©JacquelynBerl2016

Weaving the threads of many forms of creative expression.

Jacquelyn Berl is the creative force behind Ascender Rises Above©. While working for her Fine Arts degree in Interior Design, she was vice president of the student American Society of Interior Designers; spending ten years doing contract and residential perspective renderings/interior design.

San Mateo Public Library, 2010. ©JacquelynBerl2016

She then expanded her horizons to that of a graphic and fine artist. Her self-directed efforts won over 65 national and local awards in the areas of graphic design and marketing. She has done a great deal of community work, including contributions of graphic work for several non-profits.

Tiburon Fine Arts Festival 2011. ©JacquelynBerl2016

She began to sell her fine artwork privately, donating some proceeds to non-profit organizations. She has held four exhibits of her personal work, and each time has successfully blended her powerful vision with a variety of artistic media and form: pointillism, dry pastels, oil pastels, mixed media, watercolor and Scatterlings©: a collection of self-directed enchantment art.

Exhibit Redwood City, 2012. ©JacquelynBerl2016

Desktop Publishing, Award Winning Graphic Design and Marketing, Presentations, Business Plans

Interior and Exterior Design, Commercial and Residential, Perspective Renderings, Illustration and Line Drawings.

Fine Arts Sales: Painting in Acrylics &Watercolor, Scatterlings©, Pointillism, Pastels, Mixed Media, Photography.

Skilled in QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, MicroSoft Word, Dreamweaver MX.

Presently she is seeking a publisher for an upcoming illustrated novel. Contact Ascender to alert you on the book publication date.

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“For me every act of creating art art is catharsis.
If I can provide my viewer with
just a glimpse of that emotional action,
I feel I have been successful.”
Jacquelyn Berl


Selfie, 2009. ©JacquelynBerl2016

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☛ The fine print:
All images in this album are Copyrighted © 2016 Jacquelyn Berl, All Rights Reserved.
Please feel free to read about the art I have created here. Feel free to wonder how I created it, why I created it, what it means. It is free to talk about it.
It is not free to take a copy of it, to print it out, to post it on your blog, to call it your own, to use it inside your art, or to make money from it in any way.
Duplication in partial or complete of these images, the creation of derivatives or any other reproduction is illegal as stated in the Copyright Law of the USA.


  1. I stumbled into your website as you repinned some pins from my boards. Now, I am enthralled in your pins. As I read your bio, I thought about how similar our backgrounds are as I also came to fine arts through interior design and graphic design and was also active (president of and regional representative) in the student ASID. I worked a while in ID (mainly contract and some teaching) before falling head over heels in love with painting. I suspect you are younger than I am, however. I will be in the Bay Area the end of October and would love to come by your gallery and meet you! If that is possible, email me and we can set up a time which works for both of us. I look forward to hearing from you. Very Best, Kim

  2. carol kuran

    You have amazing boards. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cheryl knaack

    Hi Jacque, I would love to have 2 of pieces, Unscene and Chasing the Wind. Are they available?

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