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Perhaps my dream drifted…

I am continuing to experiment with this new theme. I loathe having to make changes – even if every little thing has been blown away by the hack.

One advantage to the last theme is that I previously understood the bells and whistles.

Now to start with a new theme. With different bells and whistles.


You know how it is; right after you click “Activate” you rush through uploading a new custom header, maybe resetting the background, fiddling with a new sidebar configuration, and other transition adjustments so that people won’t see your site in a half-switched state.


My previous PhotoShop software is not compatible with this computer either and that is making a difference in my satisfaction of the end product. I am using I-Photo here and reluctant to spend more money on software to replace the former PhotoShop.


Perhaps just a site this time? No more blogging?

Perhaps more time in the studio; less time at the computer.


Photos of the my latest bloomers: June 2013. ©JacquelynBerl 2013

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  1. omigoodness. this is six months ago. didn’t realize in my first comment that i was so much in the past.

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