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Every Plain Wall Deserves A Piece Of Work, So Why Not Cover It With A Smile?

Three In The Bush; Acrylics on Canvas

… The wallpaper is
the texture of trees, a landscape seen from above,
a contour map of an unnamed mountain, people
wandering the face of it. If we were closer we could tell
river from leaf, mountain from shadow, a fire making,
unmaking itself…

~ Nick Flynn ~

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Rhapsody In Plume; Acrylics on Canvas

Quick note: I am in the process of resurrecting my galleries.

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Additional listed galleries will be added while I continue dusting each category. The next gallery will be the return of the Acrylics + Mixed Media.
Unraveling Yellow; Acrylics on Canvas

Using acrylics Jacquelyn combines her expertise in interior design watercolor rendering skills to create a lively changing pattern with a humorous quality.  The basis of each painting begin with a bright interior wallpaper design, then breaking the pattern resulting into a playful embellished motif. Go to Paintings on Canvas Gallery

DETAIL – Unraveling Yellow; Acrylics on Canvas