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I Can’t Stop Pointing To The Beauty; “Put This Design In Your Carpet!”

Perspective Rendering, ©JacquelynBerl2017

You can use an eraser on the
drafting table or a sledge hammer
on the construction site.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright  ~

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Perspective Renderings; ©JacquelynBerl 2017

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Perspective Renderings; ©JacquelynBerl2017

While working for her Fine Arts degree in Interior Design Jacquelyn was vice president of the student American Society of Interior Designers.  She went on to create renderings and advertising for an interior design studio and a furniture store, totaling ten years producing contract and residential perspective renderings/interior design.

Later, while employed as an award winning graphic designer. she offered line drawings of homes for real estate companies.  Realtors, builders and architects know how to put their best foot forward to win clients by using quality illustrations to advertise upscale estates. 

Presently, due to time constraints and focus on fine art, Jacquelyn no longer illustrates line drawings for use in real estate advertising.  She now concentrates on commissioned works of detailed “home portraits”. You will also note that Jacquelyn will occasionally return to her artistic roots by combining perspective renderings or interior design details through out her mixed mediums and fine arts; as in her “Fresh Perspectives” series.

Perspective Renderings; ©JacquelynBerl2017
Perspective Renderings; ©JacquelynBerl2017
Perspective Renderings; ©JacquelynBerl2017

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