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I Found Me In A Great Surging Space…

Staying Open; Dry Pastels On Paper

… What it means
is, what it’s showing is, there’s this unseen
eye, on the inside. And she’s marking it.
It’s how the X that says where treasure’s at
is not the treasure, but as good as treasure.—

~ Amit Majmudar ~  

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Auras; Dry Pastels On Paper

Quick note: I added a few more images to my Vague Portraits Gallery.

Vague Portraitis a collection of self-directed abstract portraits; covering the middle ground between vibrant fragmentary bodies to strange abstract associations – some almost cartoonish.

Regardless of medium each loose portrait (mostly pastel, some time acrylic or marker) begins on paper and evolves there in a free-form manner. Each portrait is imaginary, so technically incorrect and distorted. Using fearless, uninhibited painterly strokes a face bursts from the canvas; spirited and wild in form and shape.

We Blended; Dry Pastels On Paper

I am in the process of resurrecting my galleries.

Click on the “☛ Gallery!” in the menu running across the top of this page to find the new Vague Portraits Gallery in the listing.
The main tab drops down to allow you to choose between sixteen live galleries: Scatterlings©, a Scatterlings© MinisPaintings on CanvasPerspective Renderings, Fresh PerspectivesAcrylics + Mixed MediaVague PortraitsPointillism/StipplingAltered Paint-By-NumberIlluminated Tiles -MessengersIlluminated Tiles – KellsIlluminated Tiles – Strange BloomsATCs, ACEOs – Two SidedATCs, ACEOS – One SidedPrints, Available, and the Seasonal Tags; Two-Sided Gallery
Additional listed galleries will be added while I continue dusting each category. The next galleries will be the return of an “Otherly – Pastels Gallery.”
Trisected; Dry Pastels On Paper